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Whether you need to optimize your technology stack or add to it, our expertise is here to guide you.

CRM & Customer Journey Optimization

Maximize your customer relationships with our enterprise-level CRM expertise, ensuring personalized, impactful, and technology enhanced interactions across the customer journey

Email Send Platform Management

Elevate your email and nurturing campaigns with our expertise in email send platforms, backed by our robust health management and send optimization for unmatched deliverability and engagement

Seamless Data & Systems Integration

Expertly integrate and manage your data across platforms and services, ensuring clean email lists, synchronized CRM, email systems, and data warehouses, and data extraction for reporting and BI tools

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Leverage our extensive experience in reporting and business intelligence tools, from Google Data Studio to Looker, for actionable on-demand insights that drive decision-making

Website Enhancement

We specialize in integrating advanced tracking technologies, seamless CRM integration, multilingual translations, efficient handling of extensive product data, and more to enhance your digital footprint

Simulation Modeling

Revolutionize your manufacturing processes with our professional AnyLogic simulation modeling, creating a digital twin of your factory and warehousing for innovative experimentation and planning

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How does correct use of CRM technology enhance customer journey optimization?

It’s easy to set up a CRM, but not so easy to use it effectively. When properly configured to suit your company’s specific audience, you can truly use it as a centralized platform to track and analyze customer interactions, preferences, and history. Along with customer attributes and segmentation, this enables your business to deliver personalized experiences at every stage of their journey.

How frequently should I audit my CRM forms, integrations, and workflows to ensure they are functioning optimally?

We recommend that you audit your CRM forms, integrations, and workflows several times a year, if not quarterly. At IMS, a full CRM audit is a key component of our programs. Minor changes in websites, third-party integrations, or workflows can subtly affect your CRM’s functionality, and these issues might not immediately signal a problem if they don’t outright fail. What more commonly happens is the worst scenario for your business: partial functionality so it seems like nothing is broken, meanwhile your leads are missing data points, your segmentation is missing members, your re-engagement campaigns are incomplete, and your critical workflows are only partially protecting your business.

How important is user access management to the security of my company?

All too often we see the scenario of ‘everyone is a super administrator’ in our client CRMs and related technology services which is an ongoing threat to the security and reputation of your business, along with the confidentiality of your information. We’ll help you with a user account audit to ensure not only do current and authorized personnel have access, but access is controlled based on the least privilege principle. This means individuals have just enough access to perform their roles, effectively minimizing risk and simplifying operations.  We’ll also help you set up workflows to effectively manage this.

What are the advantages of implementing advanced tracking technologies on my website?

Website tracking is not just about the ‘numbers’. Video recording of users can be tied to your audience segmentation and tell stories simply not available with basic click tracking, and expose user experience or technical problems you simply wouldn’t find otherwise. You also need to ensure you have correct tracking in place to feed data into the tools and services across your entire marketing and technology stack, from your CMS to your 3rd party services. At IMS, we will help you audit this.

How do you ensure high email deliverability and engagement rates?

High email deliverability and engagement are ensured through regular list hygiene, segmenting audiences for targeted messaging, A/B testing of email content, optimizing send times, and monitoring key metrics like open rates and click-through rates. We will help you set up solutions to accomplish all of this.

Why are business intelligence tools more valuable to my business than the stock reports I already have?

Custom reports created using business intelligence tools are significantly more valuable because they are tailored to the specific needs, goals, and operational nuances of your business. Unlike stock reports which offer generic insights, custom reports can focus on unique metrics and KPIs that are critical to you and that we can help you develop. They will focus on your strategic objectives, operational efficiency, and market positioning. They also allow for flexibility in data representation, ensuring that we can customize them in a way that is easiest to digest for your business stakeholders.

What specific features of AnyLogic simulation modeling make it suitable for detailed process analysis in manufacturing?

AnyLogic stands out for its ability to simulate complex manufacturing processes using discrete-event, agent-based, and system dynamics modeling. It allows users to replicate real-life manufacturing scenarios, including machinery operations, workforce management, and logistics. This level of detail aids in identifying specific process bottlenecks and inefficiencies, leading to more targeted improvements and planning for your production lines.

How can AnyLogic help in reducing costs and increasing efficiency in a manufacturing setup?

AnyLogic aids in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement by enabling manufacturers to experiment with different process configurations in a virtual environment. For example, by simulating different machinery layouts or scheduling patterns, manufacturers can identify the most cost-effective and efficient ways to operate before implementing changes in the real world. This preemptive analysis helps in minimizing downtime and resource waste, leading to more streamlined operations.

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