Meet Joe

Technology Director

I am uniquely suited to handle projects across your entire marketing and technology stack. I specialize in:

  • Systems integration, data piping, and workflow orchestration.
  • CRM and email send platform administration, including popular solutions like Hubspot, Salesforce, Iterable, and more.
  • Business intelligence and analytics, with wide ranging experience from Google Data Studio to Looker and Tableau.
  • Application development and project management following Agile methodoly, and expertise in software like Jira.
  • Professional AnyLogic simulation modeling to create a digital twin of your factory for experimentation and to answer the difficult questions that only a simulation can support.

My Technology Journey

I’ve been a passionate tech guy and proven leader since high school, where I started and maintained a successful technology business hiring other students to digitize local businesses at the turn of 2000.

After working as a Wealth Management Analyst at Morgan Stanley, where I used my data and research skills to assist with making recommendations for high net worth client and corporate portfolios, I co-founded my own company in the video game tournament space, and moved to NYC.

My next major stop was Etrade Financial, where I was attracted to their power trading platform and other online technologies which were novel at the time. I was quickly promoted to be an Elite Client Services broker, a small group working with clients that placed a minimum of 2500 traders per quarter, and that offered expertise on Etrade’s most advanced trading platforms.

I Know the Industrial Space

Considered among the highest performing employees over the 10 years I worked at Thomas, I held a multitude of positions including: Director of Supplier Product, Manager of Business Intelligence & Application Development, Manager of Business Intelligence & Program Support, and Sales Opportunity Analyst.

Technology Highlights:

  • Created a new advertiser R.O.I. reporting system that quantifiably increased new business sales, client renewals, and saved at-risk accounts.
  • Developed new usages of activity data to drive successful automated marketing campaigns.
  • Managed over 30 successful enterprise level development projects with internal and external development teams.
  • Planned product and development roadmaps.
  • Served as the liaison between executive teams and internal teams.
  • Oversaw a team of product and data analysts.

Working with Companies of all Sizes

With skills ranging from being able to query raw data directly from data warehouses to tracing complex data flows and automations throughout an enterprise-sized technology stack, I continued to develop my skills and knowledge base in the B2B sector in the following years.

Data-Driven Individuals Reunite

When Suzanne invited me to join her agency, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Having a love for industrial clients and what they do for North America I was honored to join the team at Industrial Marketing Specialists as its Technology Director, thus beginning another new exciting chapter in my life.

One of the things that always impressed me about Suzanne beyond her love for her clients, was how her mechanical engineering background led her to take a data-driven approach to business strategy and marketing.

With all this in mind, I couldn’t feel more at home at Industrial Marketing Specialists with Suzanne and team, and I’m ready to tackle technology projects of any size with my proven technology experience and leadership.

What’s In It For You?


Like Suzanne, I am a data-driven professional, that has also worked with 100s of North American manufacturers across multiple industries.

Team Of Experts

I’m part of a collaborative team with each person in their genius zone doing what they do best.


I’ll be responsible for ALL aspects of your marketing technology stack, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Expertise You Deserve

Take your time back and delegate your marketing & technology outcomes to an expert who can provide a greater return on your  investment.