About Us

Behind The Scenes At Industrial Marketing Specialists

We Work For You

Industrial Marketing Specialists has a over a century of combined marketing experience in the manufacturing space. That means we understand your business niche, your processes, how you sell, and to whom you sell.

In the unpredictable, rollercoaster world of manufacturing, we take care of your marketing efforts, so you can be present to the needs of your customers, employees, equipment, and deadlines.

ROI Driven

We are willing to bet that you know the ROI on every machine that makes up your company’s manufacturing equipment. Now tell us what your ROI is on your marketing initiatives. Do you know what’s driving traffic to your website or more importantly, quality conversions? – We do.

We know because of our unique knowledge of the buying process and what your customers need to make buying decisions. We have the data to provide substantive examples of where your customers are searching and the leads you can expect to generate, as well as the technology expertise to nurture and convert them.

Your Goals. Our Mission.

Benefit From Our Industrial B2B Expertise

Would you hire a journalist to be your next CNC Operator? Of course not! Time and again, we encounter companies who hire advertisers, designers, and writers with no manufacturing experience to tell their story.

Here’s what happens in those situations. You must take the time to explain every scientific detail of how your process works to people who won’t understand it and then pray they will get it somewhat right in their marketing efforts.

You don’t have the time for this, and your resources inevitably get wasted in the process.

At IMS, we are engineers and digital marketing manufacturing experts. We understand your business and who you’re marketing to. No red pen or eye-rolling needed when you receive our final product!

Your Time Is Limited

How much time can you reasonably set aside each week for website maintenance, SEO enhancements, design upgrades, etc.? For most manufacturing leaders, your bandwidth is extremely limited. Allowing us to oversee your digital strategy allows you to focus your time on other critical areas of your business.

Your Business Is Worth Knowing

You’re proud of what your company achieves and love showing off your manufacturing space and equipment to others. More people should know about it! Let us help you elevate your brand – better exposure and awareness leads to better opportunities.

Do You Want To Grow Your Business?