Brand & Graphic Design Services

Do you need a cohesive visual identity for your company?

Your brand is everything people see, hear and read about your company. A cohesive brand not only communicates your company’s mission, values and products, but also inspires confidence and trust within your potential customers.

Branding Services Overview

Logo Development & Brand Kits

Our design experts will help you build credibility with your customers by consistently branding your client-facing communications. We work with you to refine your visual brand and stand out from the competition.

Branded Infographics & Icons

The team at IMS can help you communicate complex information to your audience with infographics and icons. Branded, engaging, and visually appealing, these can be shared across digital media easily.

Branded Email Templates

Industrial Marketing Specialists ensure your emails stand out in your target market’s inboxes. Branded emails increase awareness and recognition, building familiarity and trust with your potential customers.

Interactive Website Imagery

Ready to engage your customers with interactive, clickable, and media-rich experiences for your products & services? The IMS team will help you capture attention and communicate detailed information in a visually-appealing way.

Interactive Company Timelines

Let our design experts captivate your audience by telling your company’s story in an impactful way, while increasing customer engagement and retention on your website.  Bonus – this also helps build authority on Google.

Branded Collateral

From company brochures to product sell sheets, Industrial Marketing Specialists can create branded materials to support your sales process.  We can provide your team with the resources they need to close more deals.

We are here to help!

By blending strategy and creativity, the design experts at Industrial Marketing Specialists transform ideas into compelling visual communications. We collaborate with you to define your visual identity that is recognizable and represents your company’s unique brand.